tical," Xi recalled.He then went t

system had not been put into place when I arrived," Xi said.At the core of China's last round of rural reform, the household responsibility system meant farmers could be allocated ▓land by contract and were entitled to any surpluses to the mark

o the ag▓ricultural bureau of Y

et or retain them for their own use.In 1983, the secretary of Lishuangdian Commune proposed to pilot the system on a piece of land in his jurisdiction."Both I and another deputy secretary of the county committee supporte▓d him. One yea

an'an and exchanged the motor▓cyc

r after, only his commune reaped a ▓good harvest compared with the ordinary output elsewhere," Xi said. "Suddenly all the people in the county said this seemed to be a viable way, and the system finally got widely implemented.""At that time, Zhengding was a pure agricultural county. I▓ proposed to pursue diversified economic d▓evelopment a


nd a 'semi-suburban' economic model since the county is close to Shijiazhuang," Xi said. "The county [government] set u▓p an office for diversified economy, and I was concurrently the CPC County Committee's deputy secretary and the office's director.""T

he five


communes south to the Hutuo River had done a good job. Many people we▓nt to work in Shijiazhuang by bike in the mor▓ning," Xi said. "In the Shijiazhuang markets, the vegetables were produced in Zhengding, those who were selling brooms and simple furni▓ture were from Zhengding, and the guardians

of t▓he boil


er rooms and the gates were also from Zhengding."FUJ▓IAN'S SHED & SMALL BOAT RESIDENTSWhen working▓ in Fujian, Xi often visited families that had lived in thatched sheds and small wooden boats for generations, and would ponder how to lift them out of poverty."Most of the fishing boats were in a drea▓dful state, without electricity or water supplies. The boats were low, gloomy and damp. Certain fishermen who did

not have a b

le for a hand tr

actor, a flour mil

oat just mad▓e shacks, where it was hot in summer, co▓ld in winter, and hard to shelter from wind and r▓ain," Xi said.After doing research, Xi submitt▓ed a report to the CPC Fujian provinci▓al committee,

ling machine

proposing resettling those living in thatched sheds and s▓mall boats."Communist Party members must have no p▓eace of mind, day and night, to see people living in such poor conditions," he said when pre▓siding

, a grain thrower, a r

over a meeting in 1998 to address the problems.Due to Xi's proposal, in a few years several million people bid fa

ice milling machin

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rewell to an unstable life.The CPC attached great importance to coordinated development between the advanced ▓and underdeveloped regions of the country. Fujian, for instance, was tasked to assi

st the development of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.Xi was in 

e and a submer

charge of the assistance as he worked as dep▓uty

sible pump, for villagers.

secretary of the CPC Fujian provincial committee."We are a socialist country. Having taken the first steps to prosper, the coastal regions in the eas▓t should not leave other areas alone. We need▓ to achieve common prosperity," Xi said.Wit▓hin the framework of counterp


art assistance, we▓lls were dug and cellars built to store water for drinking and irrigation in Ningxia.Xi encourage▓d researchers in Fujian and Ningxia to develop tech

nology to improve potato yields. Residents in Xi

m took an early root in Xi

ji County, southern Ningxia, saw their incomes ▓increase after planting potatoes and selling t▓hem to Fujian busin

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